On this website there used to be a dedicated support forum for my packages. After one year of testing I have decided not to longer maintain it. If you have questions regarding one of my packages or if you need help with some aspect then go to

If your native language is German you might prefer one of those sites:

Except for tex.sx all those pages are hosted by Stefan Kottwitz on servers sponsored by Dante e.V.. At all of those places there are qualified people who can provide help. I am active there as well so chances are you’ll get the question answered by me.

If you notice a bug please visit the development website of the corresponding package and file a new issue there. The address is mentioned on the first page of the manual and is either on github or on bitbucket. (Don’t forget to add a minimal working example (Minimalbeispiel).) For my best known packages see also the sub-links to this page.