Lately I am full of ideas – not only concerning [cci]chemmacros[/cci] and new packages as you might have gathered from recent posts – but also regarding this website. My newest idea: I could image adding a support forum for my LaTeX packages to this site. Would you like that? And if so: would you like to participate as a moderator? (The second question is a very secondary one: let’s first decide on the forum itself – then if the decision was “yes” let’s see how many people are participating…) Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “ideas, ideas, ideas

  1. Hi Clemens,

    nice idea!

    A general technical idea: if you like, you could use the DANTE supported servers for your website. Maybe you could share features with other LaTeX sites, such as OverLeaf (online TeX editor) integration for the blog. Thanks to DANTE, there won’t be costs for hosting. You can move away any time you want, since the domain remains yours and you can get the daily backup at any time. I gladly invite you, and I would provide technical support, such as for a test setup with a test domain. I’m also interested because if you would join the team it would be one more reason to continue the DANTE support.


    1. Clemens says:

      Interesting idea. Since I have no experience with this… However, this troubles me a bit:

      Bitte beachten Sie, dass bei einem Providerwechsel Ihre Inhalte sowie auch Ihre E-Mailpostfächer, nicht zum neuen Provider übertragen werden. (Strato)

      This could be a reason to finally change my contact address from [cci_latex][/cci_latex] into [cci_latex][/cci_latex], though 🙂

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