Ever since I wrote my first \LaTeX example file I used the editor Kile. I don’t know if this editor is more oder less comfortable than others, or better or worse — it simply is the one I’m used to. One of the reasons I started using \LaTeX was that I found this editor in my newly installed SuSE 8.x (or 9.x — I don’t exactly remember, which one it was).

One thing I really like about Kile is that it auto completes \LaTeX commands. I guess, other editors do that as well? Anyway, for reasons of convinience I wrote an auto completion file for the myChemistry package for Kile, which can be downloaded here, if you like (the [cci]*.cwl[/cci] file).

You have to copy it into [cce]~/.kde/share/apps/kile/complete/tex[/cce] (maybe it is [cci]~/.kde4/share/apps/kile/complete/tex[/cci]). You can then tell Kile to use this file. I assume the menu is called [cce inline=”true”]Settings -> Configure Kile -> Complete[/cce] (mine is in German, so I am not quite sure). The documentation might help.

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