I published version 5 of chemmacros nearly two months ago and so far the transition seems to have been a lot smoother than I anticipated. There have been a few support emails and posts on TeX/LaTeX stackexchange but nothing too serious. As you probably know version 5 came with major changes but also some new features. One of them: chemmacros can now be used either with chemformula or with mhchem as support package for chemical formulas. This provides more flexibility for users. Other new features include a [cci_latex]scheme[/cci_latex] float, support for typesetting isotopes, … One of the features I personally like very much (although I’m unsure if it is going to be used) is the fact that users can write and contribute their own modules to chemmacros. The manual contains more or less detailed information on this and of course I’ll provide any support needed. So far chemmacros already has 21 modules eleven of which are preloaded, the other ten can be loaded as needed. It seems that users so far prefer to simply load all modules ([cci_latex]\chemsetup{modules=all}[/cci_latex]). This is not really surprising even if it kind of defeats the purpose of having separate modules in the first place. I am really curious how users experienced the transition to version 5 and what they think about the new features. So if you’re willing to share you opinion please go ahead in the comments!
Picture: © Kurt Michel/pixelio

One thought on “chemmacros v5

  1. Mike says:

    After some problems with some changes (resolved with your help! Thanks again.), it was a good idea!

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