As of version 5.5 the [cci_latex]chemmacros[/cci_latex] package includes a new module named polymers. Currently it mostly defines a few macros for usage in the [cci_latex]\iupac[/cci_latex] command (provided by the mandatory nomenclature module) such as [cce_latex]\NewChemIUPAC\copolymer {\textit{co}} \NewChemIUPAC\statistical{\textit{stat}} \NewChemIUPAC\random {\textit{ran}} \NewChemIUPAC\alternating{\textit{alt}} \NewChemIUPAC\periodic {\textit{per}} \NewChemIUPAC\block {\textit{block}} \NewChemIUPAC\graft {\textit{graft}}[/cce_latex] and a few more. Additionally it defines a macro for usage with the [cci_latex]chemfig[/cci_latex] package. In the [cci_latex]chemfig[/cci_latex] manual there is presented some code defining the macros [cci_latex]\setpolymerdelim[/cci_latex] and [cci_latex]\makebraces[/cci_latex] which allows users to add polymer parentheses to formulas. The polymers module now defines a macro [cci_latex]\makepolymerdelims[/cci_latex] based on this very idea and adds a few options for customization. If you have further ideas and suggestions what the polymers module should or could include please feel free to comment here or to drop me an email.
Picture: © Tim Reckmann/pixelio

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