Version 5.6 (2016/05/02) of chemmacros comes with a whole bunch of improvements and changes – no breaking changes, though. Here’s an overview over the changes:
  • [cci_latex]base[/cci_latex] module: comfortably adding support for [cci_latex]cleveref[/cci_latex] and [cci_latex]fancyref[/cci_latex] with [cci_latex]\ChemCleverefSupport[/cci_latex] and [cci_latex]\ChemFancyrefSupport[/cci_latex]
  • [cci_latex]lang[/cci_latex] module: translations are now provided in the corresponding modules they belong to; the lang module provides [cci_latex]\DeclareChemTranslation[/cci_latex] and [cci_latex]\DeclareChemTranslations[/cci_latex] for adding those translations in a comfortable way: [cce_latex]\DeclareChemTranslations{keyword}{ fallback = foo, English = foo, German = Fuu }[/cce_latex] This adds a layer of abstraction from the support package [cci_latex]translations[/cci_latex].
  • [cci_latex]chemformula[/cci_latex] module: there is a further generalization of the “method” concept and the methods [cci_latex]chemist[/cci_latex] and [cci_latex]chemfig[/cci_latex] are added. The module won’t automatically use an available method anymore but will always use [cci_latex]chemformula[/cci_latex] as default; it is up to the users to switch to another methods if they wish to. Although those methods work in general they do not support all features of chemmacros which means they’re only useful in rather special cases. On the other hand this enhances the flexibility of chemmacros.
  • [cci_latex]reactions[/cci_latex] module: tags now obey redefinitions of [cci_latex]\thereaction[/cci_latex]; support for [cci_latex]cleveref[/cci_latex] and [cci_latex]fancyref[/cci_latex] added. The last point means that if users are using cleveref or fancyref things “just work”.
  • [cci_latex]scheme[/cci_latex] module: support for [cci_latex]cleveref[/cci_latex] and [cci_latex]fancyref[/cci_latex] added. This means that if users are using [cci_latex]cleveref[/cci_latex] or [cci_latex]fancyref[/cci_latex] things “just work”.

Picture: © Andreas Hermsdorf/pixelio

2 thoughts on “What’s new in chemmacros v5.6?

  1. CAn you help how to add chemistry formulas in WordPress?

    1. Clemens says:

      You mean through LaTeX? Maybe the QuickLaTeX plugin still works for it… Otherwise I’d probably use pictures.

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